About Us

At Hidden Beauty Salon & Spa we serve to revitalize the entire self-body and mind. Guiding guests to rediscover ease, presence, and repose, we take well-being to the extreme. Discover a new place, a new way of being. Free from stress and judgment as if a new mood has melted worldly worries away.

Hidden Beauty Salon & Spa team has uncompromised commitment to detail, quality and service.
Our staff consists of experienced and respected artists in Hair Care, Eyebrow Threading, Waxing, Brazilian, Skin Care and Henna Tattoo (Mehndi). Providing style with knowledge, clients donít just get look that looks great but we strive to provide you with utmost relaxing experience.

Hidden Beauty Salon & Spa is a unique Salon & Spa strategically located at SH 249 and Spring Cypress in the Tomball Plaza to serve our privileged guests.
We look forward to pamper you, nurture you and bring out your hidden beauty to provide a Salon & Spa experience you will never forget.
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Hidden Beauty Salon & Spa